About Heirified

The World’s First Global Trust & Estate Planning Platform for Digital & Traditional Assets Built with RegTech, AI & Web3

The first to platform to allow users to pass on all assets globally to listed heirs, guaranteed, regardless of a person’s net worth and despite the assets being on an unclaimed on a account at a (Brokerage, crypto-exchange, custodians, digital wallet, and bank account. Including the metaverse). Heirified is a one-of-a-kind system that is A.I. driven and engineered to be fail-proof in transferring assets, whether the listed heir is informed or not by preventing assets from being unclaimed.

  • Types of Assets Served:

1) Digital Assets: (Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, Data, & etc.)
2) Traditional Assets: (Equities, Stocks, Metals, Fiat, & etc.)

Heirifed is looking to provide a one-stop solution to enable users to bridge that gap and we’ll be doing it with Web3 security with integrity at its core, which is why we leverage blockchain technology allowing us to create trustless systems for the verification of data and signatures on the public ledger. Our partnership with Weavechain is a gamechanger allowing us to leverge Web3’s technological benefits to protect clients’ assets and most importability provide peace of mind as shown in the published press release: (https://www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?aId=295434)

Heirified is looking to offer its services globally by ensuring we meet the needs of everyone. Heirified is Shariah-Compliant to serve 2 Billion Muslims arounds the world who need their assets distributed under the Shariah Law.

Heirified is looking to offer its services globally by ensuring we meet the needs of everyone. Heirified is structured to be Shariah-Compliant allowing it to serve 2 Billion Muslims around the world required to pass on their assets through Sharia fundamentals by allowing all their children to inherit equally without any wrongdoings.

Backed by our a patent-pending technology filed US, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and +142 Countries. Built by unique creative engineers from the finest schools. Not only are we backed by this one-of-a-kind software technology, but we also have supporters from Stanford University and policy makers. Heirified is equipped with expert knowledge in the fields AI (Computer Vision), FinTech, Reg Tech, LegalTech, Blockchain, and Cryptography, allowing us to have prime expertise in the Trust & Estate planning industry has garnered us an immense amount of experience in handling your frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Heirified is a safe global trust & estate planning that is structured to be regulated & legally compliant globally. Thus, making us prepared to serve global users in 150+ countries.
Yes, Heirified will be able to transfer assets globally. This patent pending engineered solution offers the transfer of assets globally as a regulated and legally compliant global trust & estate planning solution.
The truth is disturbing. More than likely all your cryptocurrencies and all other assets will be stuck on your account since there is no sure and safe structured way to pass them on to loved ones as a regulated and globally complaint solution. Especially, if your loves aren’t aware of them since they wouldn’t know what to claim, residing in multiple countries and/or outside the the same country or jurisdiction.
No, Heirified serves all assets such as digital assets (Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, Data, & etc.) as well as traditional assets (Fiat, Equities, Stocks, Metals, & etc.).
Yes, with our patent-pending technology, your assets are at your disposal to be distributed to anyone, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.
These assets may remain completely unclaimed and therefore remain under the possession of the exchange legally if they are not claimed within a certain time frame depending on the laws and regulations of each state or country.
No, we serve all users regardless of net worth. From our point of view, everyone has the right to pass their assets to their family and/or listed beneficiaries with certainty that assets will be passed on after death.
Yes, Heirified provides a way for Family Trusts to be passed on to your loved ones and also provides living trusts.
Yes, Muslims must pass on assets in equal distribution to all their children including wife, regardless of location. Solving this problem will increase Muslim crypto adoption, especially the Muslims in MENA.
Some reasons people keep their finances private are due to market volatilities, having multiple children from different mothers / and or fathers which could lead to family drama. Or they simply just want to keep their finances private!
There are flaws in the fact that a partial solution is offered, only for traditional assets. The financial system is also too reliant on data, which can be fabricated or misused. Finally, the current financial system Only allows users to note down the name and email of beneficiaries; limited to listing up to 10 beneficiaries only, NO further information is taken. Without letting them know
Most digital exchanges do not give users private keys necessary to control their crypto assets nor a way to manage them. In the event a digital exchange collapses, users’ beneficiaries may lose total access to the deceased person’s assets.
There is no legal requirement nor obligation to pass on assets as exchanges benefit from acting Unethical and inconsiderate of the process. Since these many of these companies are based offshore, they are subject to different legal requirements. This means that it is perfectly legal for them to go against user protections to ensure a Safety net for these exchanges to make a switch in the event they need to protect themselves and their assets.
If there is no executor assigned, the family will have to go through court and hire an attorney. Heirified’s fail-proof system gets rid of the lengthy court procedures and high costs.
Heirified will prevent the requirement of going to probate and eventual litigation because Heirified was built on the foundation of being legally compliant without Probate & the possibility of Litigation over the estate.
The problem with taking legal action to claim assets is that It may be too expensive for users to take legal action against their respective exchanges: which would take even longer to execute. Most individuals do not have the resources or capabilities available to take legal action. This leads to an inefficient system with really expensive costs such as court fees, higher fees, gathering documents, and time. There could also be an issue with your lawyer’s lack of effort especially if the family is living abroad.
With probate, it comes with an Executor fee (cost 1) + Lawyer fee (cost 2) that is awarded to the executor and lawyer based on a flat rate percentage (depending on the size of the estate). The lawyer will in many cases on top of their entitled percentage, charge an hourly or retainer lump sum (cost 3) fee. These additional charges are more than the estate value. For example, in the State of California – https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?sectionNum=10810.&lawCode=PROB For example, in the State of New York – https://trustandwill.com/learn/new-york-probate-fees
U.S. regulated exchanges require probate based on the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions require that litigation proceedings shall be held in specific jurisdictions.
At Heirified, we realize that going through probate is one of the most time-consuming and stressful experiences for a grieving individual. Therefore, we help by preventing the additional legal hurdles, and long & expensive court battles, in a way that makes the collection of assets for you & your family more simplified and transparent. We start by providing a system that is catered to not be vague or confusing and provides the best options to the user for saving the most amount of money.
If exchanges successfully give the assets to another family member that should not have had access to the account, then that family member is the only person that will inherit the assets.
Yes, Heirified provides an estate planning solution for special needs children by making assistance and resources available to them by eliminating the probate process.
Yes, Heirified not only provides our services to people with Autism and Special Needs, but we make sure they are taken care of every step of the way.
Of course, Heirified has you covered with our asset management software. We will ensure that your assets will be protected from the potential of theft and misplacement of your cellular device.
Under California law, a Pet Trust is a legally binding document that ensures that funds are available and a caretaking system is in place. You set aside an amount of money, based on the pet’s expected lifetime, and typical expenses, for the care of the pet. The pet trust can be written to take effect if you become incapacitated, or you can set it up to become effective upon your death and make other arrangements for animal care if you are incapacitated. In the Trust, you name a Trustee (someone who manages the Trust) and a caretaker. The Trustee allocates funds to the caretaker, who physically cares for the pet according to your directions and guidelines stated in the Trust.
Yes, Heirified provides solutions via a Pet Trust. The information on the trust will guide Heirified on who will be the next recipient of your pet and the proper allowance left to care for it.
Yes, Heirified is able to ensure that the wrong person won’t gain access to sensitive account information. This is backed by our AI, LegalTech, and Blockchain technologies all combined preventing this in the first place as it should making it a fail-proof system.